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Research Projects Introduction

Unique projects at the Research Institute of Taekwondo

The Research Institute of Taekwondo conducts systematic academic studies on Taekwondo while developing original techniques and theories for the purpose of aiding the growth of Taekwondo. The Institute seeks to provide the direction and vision for the future of Taekwondo by acting as the World Taekwondo Academy, and the development of specialized Taekwondo education curriculums.

1 Research on the history and philosophy of Taekwondo

2 Research on the instruction and education of Taekwondo

3 Compiling Taekwondo techniques and developing new techniques

4 Taekwondo forums, debates, and other academic projects

5 Collection and analysis of information from Taekwondo studies around the world

6 Research on educational material on building character and mental training of Taekwondo instructors and trainees

7 Development of Taekwondo textbooks and educational materials

8 Development of training programs for Korean and overseas Taekwondo instructors

9 Research on Taekwondo heritage tourism

10 Research on quantitative evaluation and analysis of Taekwondo