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Aims and Scope

Under the recognition that Taekwondo has inherent values not just as a type of sport but as a form of martial art, Kukkiwon created this journal entitled Taekwondo Journal of Kukkiwon, as a vessel to consolidate the accomplishments of Taekwondo Science, which was accumulated over the last 40 years to ensure the qualitative development of Taekwondo.

Taekwondo Journal of Kukkiwon relates itself to original and meaningful topics related to Taekwondo Science to form the basis for professional researches on building scientific theories out of the actual experiences of those who practice Taekwondo.

Through this project, we, at Kukkiwon expect to accomplish the level of depth, expandability, and efficacy that other projects have not yet achieved as numerous scholars conduct their researches, present their findings, and exchange opinions through this journal.

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